Jo and I have been guilty of neglecting our blog for quite some time but I thought I would try and bring some content back here. In case you missed it this is the last newsletter Jo sent out regarding our trip to the US. 
     Greetings from Japan. We've bought our tickets are are getting everything together to head to Japan in one week! Eeek! We're really starting to get excited about seeing so many of you. 

Here is our tentative schedule: 
July 29th: Leave Nagoya and arrive in Chicago and head to Beloit, WI (unofficially known to our family as the longest day ever. We will "arrive" 40 minutes before we "left". Time travel, ha!)
August 1st: August 10th:  Upsala, MN
August 11th:16th: Larchwood, IA and Souix Falls, SD
August 17th: 22nd: Twin Cities, MN
August 23rd: August 31st: Upsala, MN
September 1st: 2nd: Callao, MO
September 3rd: 6th: Kansas City, MO
September 7th: 10th: Moberly, MO
September 11th:14th: Lebanon and Cape Girardeau, MO
September 14th:15th: Saint Louis, MO
September 15th: October 17th: Hallsville, MO
September 18th: October 15th: Beloit, WI
October 16th-17th:Travel back to Japan

     We would LOVE to see as many of you as possible!  As you can see, its going to be pretty crazy. My (Jo) brain's band with is pretty low right now. Please, please reach out to us if you would like to hang out. Messaging me on Facebook or simply replying to this e-mail would be ideal. If I don't respond in a few days, please do not hesitate to message me again (and again and again). Hope to see you soon! 
     Also, please give our kids extra grace in this period of travel. The constant traveling and sleeping in a multitude of different places can make for little sleep and extra grumpy kids and tantrums galore.

Please pray for us! Pray for:

- Patience with each other and especially with the kids on the flight
- That the kids would actually sleep, and sleep well, on the flight (their track record thus far isn't great)
- For all of the preparations and packing and planning and organizing and on and on. 
- For peace and to not get stressed out in this whole process  
- For as much rest as possible during our travels in the states

We love you all! Can't wait to see you and tell you about all of the awesome things God is doing in Japan.